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Sometimes deciding which fittings and fixtures to use in your house can be the hardest part of any renovation or updating project. We’re so lucky here in Darwin to have some great retail outlets selling quality fittings and fixtures (shout out to Middys in Woolner for all your electrical needs!).

So in the spirit of all things fun at Christmas time we’ve compiled a list of quizzes to help you determine your decorating style. Once you know your style it is often a lot easier to make choices about what style and colour you should lean towards.

So here they are:

Of course, if these quizzes don’t prove to fix every issue you have with making a choice (and we can’t understand why that wouldn’t be the case – quizzes have been helping humanity for many years such as in 1995 when you had to choose between dating Brendan or Dylan from 90210…but we digress…) then we are, as always, very happy to discuss options and share with you our knowledge of what works and why.

Happy quizzing.

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