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Believe it or not but animals are one of the world’s leading causes of electricity interruptions. Very close behind humans and other factors like weather. Mitigation steps can be just as varying as the assortment of animals themselves. If you have worked in the electrical industry in Darwin or spent some time around electricity you have probably seen all kinds of little critters and creatures that have come to a sudden and violent demise. Preventing wildlife from coming into contact with electricity can help avoid human inconvenience and animal suffering alike. Mice, birds, lizards and skinks and snakes are just a few of the animals in Darwin that can find themselves causing issues inside your switchboards, meter boards and even air conditioners. You have had, or at least know someone, who has dealt with rats and possums in their roof space and caused major problems with the electrical system. We all know that where there are rodents there are snakes and pythons as well.

The main reason we attract these new neighbours in Darwin is a sheltered place to bed down for the night. So if you can make the environment less attractive and more or a challenge to get into you can prevent a lot of the problems associated with this issue.

To get in early and prevent this from happening would be the ideal goal but sometimes it can be hard to spot an issue early. What you can do is identify common signs like bird nests, vermin droppings, and the smell of urine.

Sealing openings like conduit, guttering, switchboards and internal enclosures is a good idea. Leaving out baits and traps for the bigger creatures is also a good option. Cleaning up vegetation around the home, and any trees or shrubs touching it, and cleaning up any food scraps or rubbish is also a good place to start. Compost piles and bins are very good at attracting mice and all the animals that come from that attractive food platter.

Using steel wool from the kitchen pushed into all the small weep holes around your home make it very unattractive for vermin in the first place and you can still keep it ventilated if need be. And there are ultra-sonic and eco-friendly options that you can set and forget until it is time for a battery change.

Work with a local Darwin electrician who is an expert in electrical installations to perform periodic inspections and service to your equipment. There are many options to upgrade your electrical equipment without the huge price tag and this preventative measure can save you thousands of dollars in the future especially when you least expect it. Get in touch with Sparks Fly Electrical and we can help. www.sparksflyelectrical.com.au.

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