We’d love to chat to you about any electrical questions you have, but in the meantime, you may find an answer on our frequently asked questions page. To talk to an electrician, call us on 0422 574 463 or email info@sparksflyelectrical.com.au


Q: Will you come to any suburb in Darwin?

A: Our electricians service all suburbs in central Darwin and surrounding suburbs. We are also available electricians for rural properties.

Q: How about a bit further in NT?

A: We are happy to make the drive if you are happy to pay the travel time. No property is too far if we are remunerated.


Q: Is there a call out fee?

A: No, we do not charge a call out fee. Instead, we charge a minimum amount for every job.

Q: What are your rates?

A: Our first hour is $150 plus GST. Every subsequent hour is then $120 plus GST. We charge in half an hour increments after the first hour.

Q: How much will a quote cost?

A: All quotes from Sparks Fly Electrical over the phone or by email are absolutely free. To make things easier, we suggest you provide us with as much information as possible about the work you are asking about. If we cannot provide a quote over the phone or email, we will schedule a brief visit with you when we are next in your area.

Q: What payments do you accept?

A: We carry an EFTPOS terminal with us so you are able to pay on the day. We also accept PayPal, Stripe, direct deposit and cash on the day that we undertake your job.

Q: Is there a minimum job charge?

A: A minimum labour charge will apply to all electrical jobs. This covers the first hour of work. Our minimum labour charge is $150 plus Gst.

Q: Do I need to pay on the day of my job?

A: Yes. We expect payment on the day unless otherwise arranged.

Q: What do emergency services and after hours services cost?

A: Yes. We charge a minimum of three hours for emergency call outs and after hours services. Which means an after hours or emergency call will be a minimum of $390 plus Gst.


Q: Do you supply the materials I will need or do I have to supply them?

A: You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. We can supply all fixings and fixtures you will need, generally at competitive prices. If you know what you want you can take a photo and email us and we will try our best to match the product or lead you in the right direction.

Q: If I want to supply my own light fitting / fan or other fixture, can you recommend somewhere?

A: We are very happy to recommend reputable electrical suppliers in Darwin and online, and are more than happy to install what you have bought yourself.

Q: Do you take rubbish off site.

A: We only take rubbish off site at a cost. We do the best clean up we can in the circumstances we are given but it is the customers’ responsibility to dispose of waste off site.

Other questions

For any questions that you haven’t found here on our frequently asked questions page, contact us on 0422 574 463 or email info@sparksflyelectrical.com.au

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