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It can be very overwhelming when you think about the amount of tasks you have to complete when thinking about home maintenance. Especially in Darwin’s extreme climate. Jobs that you have left for when the next time a tradesman is in the home and although are not crucial, do put you out. Then when this list does mount up, you end up with a huge list and bill to go with it. Sometimes you can be unsure of what tasks need to be done and what can be left until later and maybe you are unsure of what takes precedence.
What we can be sure of is that general electrical maintenance around your home is crucial to ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems and keep your home running smoothly. Many people wait until things go wrong to do that overdue maintenance but it can also cost a lot more and can be hard to get a tradesman on site at a moment’s notice especially if this failure happens after hours. Doing general electrical maintenance when you are in a good head space and have the time to plan and carry out also gives you the freedom to make appointments and is a lot less stressful. Getting your home maintenance done during the dry season also means that when the wet season comes you are prepared and can sleep a lot easier at night.
Here are some essential tasks to perform regularly and end up being a lot cheaper to sort out before it becomes an emergency
Regularly check for worn-out or damaged outlets and switches, and clean them with a soft cloth to prevent dust build-up. Making sure the mechanics of the power point and switches are in good operation and both sides are working. Light switches can cause issues if not maintained as well.
Having your smoke alarms checked and replaced, or installed if you do not have any yet, is also a good idea.
Having your air conditioners cleaned and checked.
Checking all your pumps and outside power points are in good health. When the wet season comes an old outside power point can cause problems.
This goes for outside lighting too. Making sure your sensors are working correctly and that the lighting you will need come the wet season is operational and water proof.
Ensure that your electrical switchboard is well-ventilated and free from clutter, and the main circuit breaker is functioning correctly. Check your safety switches and make sure the test buttons are functioning properly. Moving anything stored in front of them to allow for easier access during an emergency is something that should be on your mind at all times.
If you have been thinking of a switchboard upgrade, the dry season is the right time to do it.
Find a local Darwin electrician to inspect your electrical system and identify potential issues before they become major problems is also a good idea.

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