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Today we’re reviewing the magazine Inside Out, January 2017 edition, Issue 143, a home magazine. The magazine is currently available at newsagents and has a website including a newsletter to sign up to. This is not an affiliated post, this review is simply to provide information to our readers.

The magazine has a great feel with plenty of attractive pictures of homes with a good range of decorating styles and things to add to your space. The feel is light and summery and the colours throughout are relatively muted and pretty.

The articles are well written and there is a focus on practical tips with things like a storage space article, products for pets, practical advice about holiday accommodation sites and some pretty delicious looking recipes.

When buying this magazine, we chose it because one of the cover stories is Bright Ideas: How to light up every part of your garden. The article discusses breaking your outdoor space into zones, mentioning: access lighting, feature lighting and entertainment areas. Different products are then shown for each of these zones including a nice selection that encompasses many styles. The article mentions the importance of planning ahead with outdoor lighting and this is a message that we here at Sparks Fly Electrical agree with wholeheartedly. Too often people leave outdoor lighting until too late and a lot of remedial work has to happen to achieve the look the client is after.

The only real negative we could find with this magazine was the number of ads but it wasn’t an excessive amount and all magazines have ads in the plenty these days so it is hardly worth noting.

Overall we give the magazine a thumbs up and recommend it to anyone who enjoys looking at gorgeous interiors and dreaming of your own home renovation plans.

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